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  2. EXCLUSIVE, NEVER BEFORE SEEN DRAFTS from the past 20ish months, together on the big screen 1 night only, these are all the things I thought about tumbling but was like “noo”/”nah”, if u don’t like me at my worst then you don’t deserve me at my best ——marilyn monroe // gr8est hits

  3. It’s fall and no college teams recruited me for the season so oneweirdoldtip is taking a break from helping me make sports vids and we are launching my cooking show!!!

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    Next Thursday, September 25 one of our favorite events, Ask Roulette, will welcome these special guests which means you might get a chance to ask them ANY QUESTION YOU WANT!

    This is really such a great event, whether you want to ask a question on stage or just watch the mix of serious, silly, deep and insane questions and answers unfold. Get your tickets now, only $8!

    ahhh David Rees at HWBC for Ask Roulette which is one of my fav event series!

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    friend: “i can only bring one friend. wanna go?” 



    I’ve seen this on Tumblr multiple times this week and I still don’t know if she is happy (“thk u for thinking of me”) or cringing (chihuahua-equivalent of social anxiety) pls DM me if you know!!!!

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  8. Chambaland - “Modern Shakes” (Taylor Swift vs. David Bowie)

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    "It’d be a lot cruller if you did." Austin, TX.

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    Jaylen and flowers pt. 2

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