1. "I don’t really believe in cars, but I drive one every day and I love that it gets me places and makes life so much easier and faster and I don’t know what I would do without it."
  2. Spike Jonze skateboarding

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  3. Zach Woods in HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’

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    you know what

    I loved unicorns when I was eleven/twelve years old and then I learned that it was real soft and nerdy to love unicorns so I checked out of the whole unicorn-liking mindset because I felt a need to be hardening myself and copping a dark-stuff-only stance

    then when I was 19 my girlfriend gave me a coffee cup with a unicorn on it and on receiving it I discovered that I had internalized some bullshit anti-unicorn stance and it made me sad

    to those unicorns who didn’t get liked by me during my bullshit years: my bad, do you like carrots, I will leave a plate of carrots out by the back door, I also have oats

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    Screenshots from Petite Meller’s music video for “Backpack (Marlin Remix)” (2013), directed by Natalie Neal

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    today is a dogboarding kind of day

    I forgot how majestic this was


    dogboarding forever

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    I imagine that this movie would be much more enjoyable if all the dialogue were replaced with those from Kate Beaton’s comics


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  12. 10 minutes of the UCB Space Jam live read are online!!

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    she’s too good for me, she’s too good for anyone

    Submarine | Richard Ayoade | 2010

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  14. Some of my friends that I really admire run this literary + art magazine called Potluck. I’ve previously contributed a personal essay to it and yesterday they published some GIFs I made out of some old instagrams and useless things I’ve written in evernote???? Ugh idk. Check it out!

    If you want you can contribute to Potluck! They publish a very diverse selection of art and writing. Do it because I want to read/see my Tumblr friends’ work?

    S/o to donrickles because I used yr GIF tips to figure out sizing because I am new to the creation + publishing of GIFs on the web. Thanks!

    Also s/o to those LED text displays that they used to have outside my dentist’s office because those were my inspiration for the varied text animation WOW it took me longer to write this post then it did to make these dumb things byeee

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